Anthony and Alex are originally from Canada and now (married) Chicagoans where Anthony is a Doctor doing his residency in Chicago. We had done their engagement photos in 2012 and this wedding anniversary shoot was a reminder of how fun it can be just hanging out with friends, relaxing and having a good time. We spent the afternoon in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood visiting areas such as the LaSalle street bridge, Green Street Smoked Meats and more! It was also a great transcendence into their status from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife, but most importantly friends that have turned into family.

What do you love most about each other? Alex: The thing that I love most about Anthony is his fun personality and his calm nature. He honestly gets along with everyone. He gives off that “likeable” vibe and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. And he is super patient with me!

Anthony: Alexandria is very quick witted and has this funny sarcasm to her. She also knows how to cook/bake really well, which is a bonus for me because we are both foodies. She really does know how to take care of me and makes sure everything is on track and I simply just love to be with her.

What have you learned in your years of marriage? From the couple: So we are technically still newlyweds, but what we can tell you is that you cannot change the other person. You have to learn to be accommodating and accepting. Marriage is fun! You will always learn a new thing or two about each other as life goes on. We purchased our first home in Chicago in 2013 and love it. It does make life more interesting when we can just pick up at any time of day/night, cruise around the city and discover new spots and hidden gems. These little everyday experiences we find outweigh material possessions by a landslide. We have made so many great memories in our first year and I am excited for more…maybe it will involve a little bambino or bambina at some point!













These are great photos! LOVE the tree lined street! And what a good looking couple!

Ahhh, I LOVE this anniversary shoot! They are such a good looking couple and you did a such a good job capturing them. I’m sure they loved all of their pictures!

What amazing locations! I love the urban feel.

These are perfect! Love the first one the most 🙂

Love these images!!! Makes me want to do this with my husband. If I was in Chicago and needed a photographer, I would def. look you up!