Bokéh Studios | St. Charles Wedding at Hotel Baker

We saw one of our couples get married at the historic Hotel Baker in downtown St. Charles, Illinois (where Jenny McCarty and Donnie Wahlberg also got married)! Hotel Baker has scenic riverside views of the Fox River with exceptional dining and a charming rose garden with outdoor patio. After exchanging messages on OKCupid for about a month, this couple decided to have their first date at Azucar (a gelato bar) almost three years ago. Late one Saturday night a year ago, their fate changed when a YouTube video playing included some of their old texts and footage and key places they went on for dates (Azucar, Marcus Addison Cinema, Millennium Park) followed by a sentimental proposal!

This playful and affectionate couple love each other deeply, and they love their family and friends even harder!

“We want our wedding to be a reflection of us as a couple.”

Congratulations to the couple!