Bokéh Studios | Oak Park Wedding at Cheney Mansion: Evelyn & Peyton
Bokéh Studios | Oak Park Wedding at Cheney Mansion: Evelyn & Peyton

Peyton and Evelyn met in Spanish class at Lake Forest College, but prior to that Evelyn didn’t think she going to start dating until she finished school and Peyton didn’t even think she was cute!

“I was that woman who was skeptical of other women saying, “I saw him, and I just knew that he was going to be the one,” until it happened to me. I can still remember seeing Peyton, and with absolute certainty in my heart simply knowing that I was going to marry him. He didn’t know it, but God, my parents, my closest friends (you know who you are), and I did.”

Later after noticing each other’s attendance in a Bible study class, Peyton and Evelyn’s love blossomed into a God-centered friendship (and leadership). And it was through this chapter where they got the opportunity to realize each other’s beautiful hearts.

Peyton and Evelyn’s story led to two proposals; For Evelyn, the first one was beautiful. But for Peyton, the first one was a disaster. Evelyn had found out about the proposal the night before and Peyton felt pressured to propose because he was leaving the country in a week. So, after a night of dancing under the stars, Peyton shared with Evelyn a story that he had written. Eventually, the night ended in snot and tears. So, the day before Peyton left, Evelyn and he had a picnic and spent the evening at the beach. At the end of the night, Peyton proposed again, but this time without anything extra, just a few words from the heart about how he felt for her.

Evelyn adores that Peyton is a child-at-heart (and everywhere else), that he is a leader and takes initiative, and that he is gentle with his words and actions. Peyton adores that Evelyn explicitly demonstrates her affection through her words and her actions, that she is goal-oriented and works hard to pursue those goals, and that she lives with honesty and with trust in God. Their wedding reflected Jesus’ love for his Bride and a celebration with their family and friends at one of our favorite venues, Cheney Mansion in Oak Park.

Dress: BHLDN
Suit/Tuxedo: Haggar pants, Enro shirt, Belle and the Beautie tie, and suspenders from Kohl’s
Bridesmaid dresses: Akira
Groomsmen: Van Heusen shirts, Haggar pants, and Kohl’s suspenders
Invitations: Sweet Little Paperie
Favors: Mason Jars from Walmart
DJ/Band: Ten Twelve Entertainment
Caterer: Just Gracious by Chef Clarissa
Florist: Bloominous and Flowers for Dreams
Bakery: Momma Schrag

Congratulations Peyton and Evelyn!









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