Bokéh Studios | Engagement Shoot in Chicago: David & Alexia

We were able to do a quick engagement shoot of medical students David and Alexia at the beautiful Chicago Riverwalk…in 100 degrees! The Riverwalk is a 1.25 mile long path along the main branch of the Chicago River and provides a beautiful landscape of the city. David and Alexia met in their hometown of Calgary, Canada but it was during their time in the Caribbean for medical school did they reconnect and embark on a relationship. Their studies brought them to Chicago in 2015 and they recently got engaged in the Bahamas after over 5 years of dating!

The cozy ambiance that naturally surrounds David and Alexia would be enough to make time photographing them amazing, but while the weather was hot, this couple weathered through the balmy atmosphere with ease and the photos were worth it. Their adorable rescue dog, Nala was able to join as well! Check out the photos!





Stunning! You would never know it was 100 degrees. Love that you captured the connection between these two!

Beautiful engagement session, perfect location and gorgeous couple. Keep up the good work!!

Victoria Vasilyeva

WOW! 100 degrees! Anyway the pictures turned out very beautiful!

Happy couple and their joy is loud and clear. I love seeing emotions speak clearly in photos. Well done!

Ugh such amazing locations!

Their love is contagious. Simply beautiful!