Kenan Spencer Witczak was diagnosed with Krabbe leukodystrophy when he was 8 months old. Krabbe leukodystrophy is an inherited disorder that destroys the protective coating (myelin) of nerve cells in the brain and throughout the nervous system. The disease affects about 1 in 100,000 people in the United States, and because there is no cure, the treatment that is currently available focuses on supportive care. Despite the struggles that the Witczak family has weathered, they were a great inspiration to Bokéh Studios and we are glad that we were able to be apart of this rewarding experience.

We did our Capturing Hope photo shoot near Chicago’s Adler Planetarium in the city with Natasha, her husband Dann and their children Kenan and Tamsen. We could mention how the family managed to weather through the strong winds of Chicago for their shoot, carried Kenan’s suction machine, but the family persevered like every other obstacle they have endured. They were gentle, welcoming, respectful and most importantly—full of love. Kenan is a sweet 5-year old boy who shows no sign of slowing down in his ability to make his parents and older sister proud.

We wanted to capture the love the family had for each other and for Kenan during the photoshoot and despite some troubles with the weather; we managed to get some photos that highlighted their personalities. Tamsen, is a sweet, bubbly little girl who cherishes her younger brother. She was 3 when Kenan was diagnosed, and her vibrant energy displays her loving hopes for her brother.

Thank you Capturing Hope for letting Bokéh Studios be apart of your network and for providing us with the opportunity to connect with an amazing family.


Oh these photos have brought a tear to my eye. You can really see the love that family share, I’m sure they will treasure them forever. Gorgeous edit too!

Absolutely beautiful images! These photographs will be enjoyed by this family for a lifetime! Very nicely done!

Beautiful photos. This family will cherish them!